Welding chemicals


ANTI-SPATTER : Super Pistole Spray

BINZEL Anti-Spatter is a specially formulated product developed to prevent weld spatter from sticking to MIG nozzles, electrode holder jaws and related accessories. BINZEL anti-spatter acts as a priming agent on the surfaces where it is sprayed so spatter may be brushed ore wiped away. No cleaning before painting is required on surfaces where BENZIL anti-spatter has been sprayed. Silicon Free. Contains “No Fluorocarbons”

400 ml./can


Anti spatter paste protects the sensitive elements of the torch (contact tip, gas nozzle) against adherence of welding spatter.

Without silicon and non toxic.

300 g./Can


UNIBRAZE : Brazing Flux
Silver Flux
Black Flux


THERMACOTE WELCO : Specialty Products
Bronze Flux # 600


TASETO : Auxiliary Agents for Welding and Other Products
Silver (Groove Face Anticorrosive Agent)
Spanon (Spatter Deposit Preventive Agent)

Red Mark

Visible dye penetrant inspection materials indicating any defects open to the surfaces of all kinds of materials in “RED”

Visible dye penetrant inspection allows the user to detect defects open to the surfaces andthrough cracks easily using pentrant, developer, and remover. On all kinds of inspection objects, the penetrant, developer and remover draw clear and accurate pattern of defects, if any, in “RED” against the “WHITE” background. Various types of RED MARK are provided for different applications.

– Non-Destructive Testing Materials & Systems
– Visible Dye Penetrant Inspection Material
– Solvent Removable Type
– Water Washable Penetrant
– Special Developer
– Special Remover
– Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Materials


LENCO : Specialty Products
Wire Lube Pads
Nozzle Gel


JETWELD : Pickling Acid
– New Bright # 300  Stainless Steel Cleaner
– AL CLEAN E  Aluminum Cleaner
– Jun Bright  High Quality Super Polisher