Welding equipment


WELDTEC : Tig Welding Torches
Arc Cooled Standard
Air Cooled Flex Head
Water Cooled Standard
Water Cooled Flex Head
Pencil / Machine Type Torches
TIG Spot Gun
Accessories : collet/collet bodies, chucks, stubby collets, collet bodies, gas lens collet bodies, insulators, back caps, power cable adapter, alumina and lava nozzles, cable cove


UNIWELD : Welding Equipment
Flashback Arrestors



LENCO : Welding Equipment
Quality Electrode Holders Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty
Fully Insulated Duro Holders Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty
Twister Electrode Holders
Quality Ground Clamps A ground Clamp, High Copper Alloy /Insulated Spring, EG Series, MIG-300 / MIG-600, G Ground Clamp, Combination Grounds, Magnetic Grounds, Rotary Grounds, C Rotary Grounds
Cable Lugs Mechanical Cable Lugs, Welding Cable Lugs
Cable Connectors Positive Lock-Tight Action, Whip, Machine Plugs, International Dinse Type Machine Plugs, Dinse Type TIG Machine Plugs
Welding Accessories Insulated Stud Connectors, Power Output Terminals, Connector Terminals, Universal Circle Burner, Cylinder Wrenches
Cable Splicers Mechanical Cable Splicers, Welding Cable Splicers, Swedge-On Tool
Chipping Hammers- Spring Handle-Steel Shaft, Wood Handle-Steel Shaft, Hammer & Brush Combinations, Spring Handle-Steel Shaft Economy Pack, Hickory Wood Handles, Big Mike Hammer, Plastic Handle Hammers
Universal Circle Burner
Cylinder Wrenches


ROWN : Regulators / Gas Mixer and Blender
– Single Stage Regulators
– Stainless Steel Regulators
– Carbondioxides Gas Regulators
– High Purity Gas Regulators
– Semiconductor Industry Regulators
Gas Mixer and Blender


ATHERMAL : Welding Protection Glass
Shade No. 2-14


METRO : MIG/MAG Welding Machine


STAR : Welding Accessories
Silver Contact Tip
Mig Gun 180A / 350A / 500A
Mig Gun Spare Parts
Pail Pack Cap / Conduit Cable
CO2 Welding Connection Single Cable
Welding Glove