เครื่องตัดแก๊สตามราง (Beveling Gas Cutting)

฿18,500.00 (ราคาไม่รวมภาษี)

Code No. ZF-002-072

หมวดหมู่: ,


Gas Cutting Machine CG1-30+Rail 1.2M.x2EA 220V

Beveling Gas Cutting

  • This series are suitable for cutting medium plate,and narious kibds of a combination of cutting torches can be selected.
  • All SP series are with out-of-round pipe attachment : the height of cutting tip is changed according to different surface of the plate.
  • Easy to operate. All cutting torch can be adjusted (left and right,up and down)by handle.
Model No. Supply Voltage


Cutting Speed


Torches Piece Beveling


Torch Movement-Up and Down (mm) Total Weight (kg)
CG1-30SP-100 AC220/50 50-750 1 0-45 0-50 24
CG1-30SP-300 Ac220/50 50-750 2 0-45 0-50 26.5
CG1-30SP-400 Ac220/50 50-750 3 0-45 0-50 29.5



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