เครื่องตัดซีเอ็นซี ( CNC plate cutting machine )

ZYNC-1200W Portable CNC Cutting Machine
For steel sheet width within 1500mm, and length less than 5000mm,you can choose ZYNIG-1200w portable CNC cutting machines.

The characteristics as follow:
1.Basic Rail made by H-beam steel completely.
2.Rail guide made in Taiwan.
3.Starfire or Start Sherpon System for option.
4.Gas Solenoid Valve made in ltaly.
5.Fastcam program provided.
6.Flame Torch lift by power with anti-collision device.
7.THC control device and system for Plasma cutting.
8.Operation Panel is SH-201 2AH/QG.
9.High quality beam for assembling flame & plasma torches.
10.Reliable,Stable,High Accuracy,Anti-Electromagnetic Interruption

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